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Hi, I'm Terri

Mother, Fundraiser and Author of "Fundraising Letter Secrets"

Dear Fellow Fund Raiser:

Fundraising for worthy projects can be arduous and time consuming. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of effort that goes into fundraising for deeply worthwhile projects or causes, without decent results. No-one benefits.

In all the years of helping people or organizations, the most effective and efficient way I have found is the Fundraising or Donation Letter.

When I first came accross this method I was trying to raise $7000 in 7 weeks, and ended up raising $8300 in 2 weeks, with just one fundraising letter.

Some crucial advice came my way just before I sent the letter out, which changed my whole attitude, and I believe, the results I got. 

After years of using my donation letter template and guiding others, always with fantastic results (see testimonials below), I have distilled the key ingredients into the form of an eBook and a Workbook that I'd love to share with you.


If you are a trying to fundraise using a donation letter,

then this could be the most important message you ever read!

Do You Know Exactly HOW To Get Your Letter Right?


Would you like to:



So Firstly, Let Me Tell You More of My Story of Fundraising Letter Success...

You see, a few years ago I was given an amazing opportunity .  As a qualified Natural Health Practitioner, I was invited to help teach a course in herbal medicine at the Temuco Catholic University in Chile, South America. This was to help support the validation of scientific and indigenous herbal medicine.

The problem was...they didn't have the money to pay for me to come. So, I needed to raise about $7000 in 7 weeks which was definitely daunting at the time.

Although I had helped with lots of fundraising stalls and events before, I had never needed to raise so much so quickly. Luckily, I'd just met Cathy Burke, a fundraising expert for The Hunger Project, and she let me in on a major secret or two, which just made all the difference to my strategy and to my mindset.

And, I did it! Beyond my goal actually!

I raised $8300 from 1 donation letter.

 The work I did in South America has changed not only my life but those I worked with there, and the ripple effects go on and on. What a fantastic thing!


I raised $8300 from 1 letter, which meant I could travel to Southern Chile to teach Natural Medicine and work with indigenous Mapuche  people.


My fundraising letter allowed me to work with recognised Bolivian healer Carlos Prado and his wonderful wife Urbana

NOTE: The results I got, and have helped others get, are not typical for people who try to use donation or fundraising letters to help their cause...


There are so many pitfalls and simple mistakes that people make... which are very easy to avoid if you know what they are and what to do instead!


Therefore...Keep Reading!



This is How Fast It Can Work 

Using a Successful Fundraising Template  -  Toola's Story

Toola Andrianopoulos, an Australian, who had worked for 5 years previously in East Timor, was phoned when the country was basically in civil war in 2006. She was asked if she could come immediately to assist the first lady Kirsty Sword-Gusmao and the Alola Foundation, in helping some of the 65,000 refugees from the conflict.

She had only days to get ready, and no funds to pay for the flights, living expenses or the specific requests for supplies.

Using my fundraising letter as a template, she was able have a high quality letter specific to her cause ready and sent out within a day or so.

She raised $6000 in a very short time from that one letter, allowing her to fly to East Timor with supplies and help provide critical support, especially for women and children in the refugee camps, for 4 months.


Toola Andrianopoulos, who used her fundraising letter to successfully raise thousands within days for her work helping civilian refugees in East Timor


NOTE: Even though this process can happen quickly, what I share is NOT a 'quick fix' method.

It is simply a straight forward way of communicating clearly and creating a genuine Fundraising or Donation Letter ...  


I have realised just how useful the experience and information I have is, and how important it is to share it in an accessible way so that I can help more people like you to achieve their fundraising goals and make a difference in the world. 

I'd love to have the opportunity to help you move towards your fundraising goals...but first, I want to make sure I'm talking to the right person...


 Are You Still Wasting Money and Effort On "Cake Stalls" and "Raffles", With Little Or No Fundraising Results? 

Let me tell you, I understand your fundraising frustrations!


Is it fair to say you may be feeling:

If you can relate to any of the above, you are definitely in the right place...



What I love about people who fundraise is that generally we are a very generous bunch of people, regardless of the project or cause we are raising funds for.

I find it joyful to work amongst people like yourself, who are willing to do good in the world, often helping others in need, or inspiring others through going for their dreams.

But something I've noticed in myself and other people who fundraise is an intense sense of responsibility.

If you are fundraising for a cause or project I am guessing you are highly motivated and that you believe deeply in what you're doing. This is a very precious and honorable trait.


The problem is that when your fundraising
is not as effective as you would hope...


...So is it Okay if I Assume You Are Keen to Finally GET RESULTS from your Fundraising Efforts?


Now, in my experience, if you are having trouble getting results you need help with one of two things (usually both)


If you have:

1) an effective fundraising strategy, coupled with

2) a success mindset,

you basically can't help but get positive results!


However, if YOU DON'T have these two things happening...

I suggest you stop putting any more time, money or effort into ideas that burn you out and help no-one.  



What I share with you MAY make all the difference,

IF you are willing to follow some simple steps and give it a go

As you might have guessed, my passion lies in helping people. I am a natural health practitioner, and dedicate my daily work to helping others and the environment. (The rest of my time is spent parenting my young in a different way). I also fundraise and help others fundraise to make the world a better place, in many small and large ways.

Helping the flow of generosity and good will in the world, in a sustainable way that doesn't exhaust those doing the work (like you), is something that I love... 

...which is why I'm so excited about what I have to share with you!



I have Created a Resource That Gives You Both Crucial Parts To Successful Fundraising...

...a Simple Proven Strategy and the Mindset to Make it Flourish! (plus already-proven templates)


NOTE: This will only work with a critical ingredient, which of course, is your own focus and small amount of time to use what  share and apply it to your own cause.



So, with no further ado, I want to introduce my eBook!

This book tells you exactly how to create an effective, top-quality fundraising letter in an easy step-by-step process.

Using proven templates and examples you can have your own letter completed in as little as 1-2 hours.

It just depends on your focus to follow the steps...   

I have not seen this anywhere else - the blend of a proven effective strategy and success mindset techniques, made specifically relevant for fund raisers.

When you put into action what I share with you... you can FINALLY get the results you need and long for from your donation letter efforts!


NOTE: I call these my "Secrets", but once you see them, you will realise they are extremely commonsense tips, but ones that are commonly and easily overlooked by many people, to the significant detriment of their fundraising success...





"So, I've Got the Gist,

But How Will It REALLY Help Me Fund Raise with Success?

Give Me The Details!!..."


Ok, Here Are The BENEFITS In Detail ... 













Can You Imagine...

 Sending Out a Fundraising Letter,
and Being Immediately Flooded with Incoming Donations?

So, I sent out my fundraising letter to about 150 people... and what blew me out was not just the incredible response where I began receiving numerous money checks a day... thousands of dollars flooding in, in a few short weeks.

But it was the little messages from people that came with the money thanking me for thinking of them and for inviting them to be part of it that really touched me.

It was a big lesson in receiving I tell you! I didn't expect to be flooded by people wanting to give, nor did I realize just how good it made them feel to be giving.

Here are some of the messages I got. These are for real and I was so moved by their generosity of spirit that I kept every single note. I have asked these people if it's okay to share their messages.   


"I feel privileged to be asked to help..."


"...this venture which is an inspiration to us all..."



Here's What Others Say Who've Used My Strategy...

"Using your fundraising letter template, I was able to quickly and easily write my letter in under one hour"

"Terri ... Using your fundraising letter template, especially the way you dissected your own successful letter and explained why you put each section in the letter and in what order - I was able to quickly and easily write my letter in under one hour.  

The speed with which I was able to write my letter astounded me ... I'm a copywriter - and usually I agonise over every word.  Using your template, everything flowed - as you recommended I wrote from my heart - and at the end had written an amazing letter that has touched other people's hearts, too.

I found your template for the fundraising letter amazing... even though my message was slightly different to asking for a donation - I was still asking for help for an amazing cause - Ovarian Cancer Australia.  

I will use this template for all my letters in the future.  Thank you so much for sharing it."

Julie Lewin, Warwick, Australia -


"Using Terri's strategy saved our Children's service
during a financial crisis..."

"As a community preschool, we rely regularly on the support from our community, our parents and our staff to keep open and running. We are constantly fundraising - curry nights, raffles at the pub and stalls at the local markets - but it usually involves so much energy and time from the parents and staff for often not a huge result.

Due to extra financial stress at the end of 2008 we were contemplating having to close our doors to our families and children to try and keep our centre afloat.

Fortunately, Terri was able to offer her advice and with some planning and working with the committee, we were able to come up with a letter that enabled us to ask again for our community to support us. With fantastic results.

This letter brought in around $6000 from our local community for our preschool enabling us to stay open, and allowing our staff to do the work they are great at... working with families and children and providing a vital service for them."

Liz Vickers

President of The Channon Children's Centre Committee                                              
Mill Street, The Channon, NSW, 2480, Australia

Children and Staff at The Channon Children?s Centre



"... with Terri's fundraising letter help, we could also
contribute our knowledge and culture..."

Thank you to you all who, with Terri's fundraising letter help, we could also contribute our knowledge and culture with those who attended the 30 day training Seeds for the Future II.

We had never felt the strength of being sustained in such a big and generous web before - we want to express our immense gratitude for the economic and moral support for us to attend the course.

Thanks Terri!

Karina Cerpa and Jorge Sanjinez with world renowned teacher Dr. Joanna Macy

Cochabamba, Bolivia
South America



"So, How Much Does This Cost?"

What would a resource with these benefits be worth to you?

This resource will save you TIME:

This resource will save you MONEY:

For all the valuable insights and information in this book it is SO worth it!  It is an investment you can make back again and again!

I know the stress of fundraising on a tight budget... and I want this information to be accessible to those who it would most benefiit... 

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Fundraising Letter Secrets

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This Workbook is the Practical Part of the eBook.

While the eBook stands alone in the theory and description of how to write an awesome fundraising or donation letter...

...this Workbook walks you through the process and template to give you YOUR own Fundraising Letter specific to your topic in just 1-2 hours.



Personal Letter Critique by ME!

(Value $95)

I will personally review and critique your fundraising letter draft and give you constructive feedback and tips to support your success.

This is my time, my most precious thing, so it is currently available, but if I get swamped and it's taking too much of my time, I may stop offering this at any time.

However, for now, it's on offer...and if you take action today, you will have 3 months to use the tips in my book and send me through your letter draft.



Fundraising Success Visualization

Audio mp3

(Value $19)

This will support a healthy mindset or attitude, which will directly impact on your fundraising success.

15 minutes of your time and you have a way to focus your intention and mindset, which helps you create the successful outcome you want.



Lifetime Upgrades

of any revised and updated editions
of Fundraising Letter Secrets
(Value $95)




I can't Guarantee Success... that will always be up to you!

But I can guarantee that I am giving you all my best advice. 

I am confident that if you follow the steps laid out in my eBook and Workbook, You too will be able to create a genuine and effective fundraising letter...

100% Risk-Free, Rock-Solid

Satisfaction Guarantee:

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could make for your letter-fundraising that I am going to take all the risk away from you.

I hope you make an honest effort to try this proven step-by-step letter-writing process, alongside the fundraising success tips, and get the results you dream of...

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Sound Too Good to Be True?

Well, I can tell you, there is no catch.

I want people who buy my book to be over-joyed with the results they get from it.

I am committed to helping people get real results, so I have come up with these bonuses that will support the book in helping you achieve real fundraising success.

Because the book and all bonuses are in digital format, and no actual physical material will be shipped, I have no printing and handling costs to absorb. I am happy to pass on my low costs to you.



I Can Hear Your Mind Ticking With a Few More Questions...

1. Why would I buy an eBook? I am here to fundraise, not spend money!

I understand. It can seem strange, but you are considering investing in something that can bring a humungous return on investment, as any investor does - you weigh up the pros and cons.

Ask yourself the question: If you spend $x are you likely to make a bigger difference in your fundraising than if you don't? Well I can say with absolute certainty: YES! And with a risk-free guarantee, if you don't get the results, then you get your money back. A small investment can go towards helping a lot of people.


2. What about the free info on the internet?
Yes, there is free info about letter-writing. There's free info about most topics you can think of.

But can you be sure the free info is solid, proven info? And does it give you the insights into your success mindset (or current lack of) that YOU NEED if you are going to fundraise successfully?

I'd say you could waste a lot of time trying to get quality usable info when you are one click away from having exactly what you need right now within 5 minutes, and then having your own quality fundraising letter ready to go within a couple of hours.


3. So Terri, if you're so passionate about helping people fundraise, why are you selling this rather than passing it around for free?

Good question. There are a few reasons. The first is that the way I can help the most people is by being in contact with many people. On the internet, this means running an effective website, which actually costs a bit! So, I need to charge to cover this.

The second reason is that I poured many months and hundreds of hours into creating this book, born out of my experience and research. I think it's only fair to have a bit come back around for the effort I have put out.

And thirdly, 10% percent of any profit that comes from this ebook is donated, so by you buying the book, you not only help yourself and your own fundraising, but also the recipient of my donations as well, you help others too. Donations are primarily sent to: 'Kuska', an NGO in Cochabamba, Bolivia who work with Natural Medicine and Environmental Education, preserving the healing traditions of that culture; and The Rainforest Information Centre, supporting the campaign to save the Tasmanian Forests of Australia from woodchip logging.


4. So, how do I know this isn't some sort of Internet Scam? Is this Terri person for real?

1) Well, I can say for sure I am for real as is everything I say. But don't take my word for it. I welcome you to contact me directly any time at (I am also a singer/songwriter, so you can also check me out at

2) My Testimonials. I view my testimonials as My Word as illegitimate testimonials are against the law.

3) If my strategy and info doesn't work I don't make a cent. If someone requests a refund, I give it to them, no questions asked. You've got my word on that one.

4) My orders are processed with, a world leader in payment processing for digital products, especially eBooks. They are a well respected company based in Boise, Idaho. They do not tolerate scammers!

If I were offering you a scam, rest assured my payment processor would not be able to be Clickbank. I never see your credit card details. Clickbank use the strongest security features on the internet and never store your financial data in their system; it is passed directly to the bank and no-one but the bank has access to your information. 

And Clickbank themselves honor the 60 day guarantee even if I were to disappear off the world! you've got a double guarantee.


5. That's all very well, but will this strategy and mindset stuff REALLY work for me and my project?

I have seen this fundraising letter-writing process work for a wide variety of people and projects... regardless of what or who you are raising funds for.

It can work for:

This process can definitely work for you. It simply requires your focus, a bit of your time, and the desire to get some great results and see the benefits ripple out.

6. Are there any risks with your Fundraising Letter method?

People are often concerned about offending people by asking for donations and of course that is a risk. My method advocates asking in respecful way without pressuring, so people can decline gracefully if they like.

The only other risks are the time invested in doing the work, and the associated costs of distributing your fundraising letter, which can be kept to a minimum.

And of course with buying this ebook, as I have mentioned, there is a genuine 60 day money-back guarantee, so the risk in spending the money is no risk at all! And the payment is completely secure with Clickbank.



What Happens If I Don't Order Now?  

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Okay, Here's a Summary To Make It Clear What YOU GET



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Question: What if I don't have a credit card to pay on the internet?

That's fine. You can pay by cheque or money order. Click here for details on how


PLEASE NOTE: Fundraising Letter Secrets is a downloadable e-book, which means after you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto yourcomputer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.




I honor the work and effort you put into your fundraising, and wish you all the best. Let me know how you go as I love hearing people's stories!

My warmest and sincere regards to you,

Terri Nicholson


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